PLAYING the role first made famous by The A Team's Mr T may have moved one step closer for a Tottenham man named this week as the proud owner of Britain's biggest biceps.

Tiny Iron, a 28-year-old actor, wrestler and former celebrity bodyguard, whose whoppingly-huge guns measure 24 inches, officially has the biggest biceps in the country, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The world record holder is American Gregg Valentino, who can boast 27 inches of muscled flesh - bigger than the average waistline.

Tiny has proved himself in roles alongside fellow Brit hardman Vinnie Jones, rapper 50 cent and has starred in BBC series Trexx and Flipside.

Now his name is on an exclusive shortlist to play B A Baracus in the upcoming movie version of Eighties hit show The A-Team.

The super-sized giant who cuts a formidable figure at more than six foot tall and weighs 20 stone of muscles upon muscles, said he is confident he can fill the boots of the cult character he idolised as a child.

Tiny said: "Mr T is my inspiration. No one will be able to play that role as well as I can. I met him on a tour and gave him one of my dolls. He said, 'Thank you, my brother' and I thanked him for what he has done for me.

"I have got the body, that's the easy part, but I am an actor, too. But I'm determined to become a name that everyone knows, in my own right. You will see me again."

Tiny got his first set of weights aged 14 while still a student at Langham School, now Park View Academy, in Langham Road, and is a self-confessed gym addict.

The giant said: "I love the pump. I love the gym. I love the feeling I get when I exercise. I love everything about it. My muscles are my babies.

"The only thing is I can't find clothes to fit me. It's got to me sleeveless tops all day, every day. As you can appreciate, my body shape is not like the average person.

"I never set out to get like this, it just happened. I started lifting weights and people started saying how big I was getting. Some people think I'm crazy. To tell you the truth, I don't feel that big. I just look in the mirror and see myself and think there's more that can be done."

For those who wonder how one maintains a superhuman phyisque, the mummy's boy says he feasts on a diet of chicken breasts which he eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by his mum.

He pumps weights for an hour every single day of the year except Christmas, which is the only day his beloved Bodyworks gym, in Fountayne Road, Tottenham, is closed.