Two rodent-infested restaurants have reopened after owners were caught serving food in filthy conditions.

But the BBQ Xpress in Station Road in Wood Green and the Adaugo Express Ltd in High Road in Tottenham may face council prosecution for failing to follow food safety regulations.

During a food safety inspection last month, officers found The BBQ Xpress to be infested with rats and mice, and grease and grime was found spattered on the kitchen floor and work surfaces.

Council officers handed the owners a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order which forced owners to close the unhygienic restaurant immediately, and also dished out a £485 fine.

Adaugo Express Ltd was also heavily infested with mice, with droppings discovered throughout the premises.

Vermin had gnawed through food, and food packets were plagued with mouse urine and droppings.

The restaurant was closed down immediately under a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order and the owners were charged £787.

Adaugo Express Ltd reopened on October 31 and BBQ Xpress opened its doors once more on Thursday, November 8.

However, food safety officers claim they are satisfied customers are no longer at risk.

Owners were forced to thoroughly clean and disinfect the restaurants and council officers will check the restaurants to ensure they remain fit for service.

Councillor Nilgun Canver, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: "I am very concerned that businesses in our high street have shown such a shocking disregard for public health and cleanliness.

“Action by Haringey Council has paved the way for a thorough clean-up of both restaurants. This just shows how important it is that inspections take place in order to protect the public."