A former British soldier desperate for a home suitable for his disabled son has been forced to split his family up as Christmas approaches.

Denzel Palmer, 35, of Howard Road, Tottenham, has been in desperate need of a more suitable home for his disabled son Carl and the rest of his family.

The Iraq and Afghanistan veteran has been trying to move out of his two bedroom flat, provided by housing association Homes for Haringey, but says he is not getting the help he needs to find a new home.

Mr Palmer’s application is in the upper band for people with high priority housing needs, but he is still not able to find a property suitable for four-year-old Carl.

Mr Palmer said: “It has become too much for us. My partner has had to take the children away to stay with relatives.

“There just isn’t enough room for all six of us and all the equipment my son needs. It has become too much for my partner. She has to stay with the children.

“It is very upsetting for all of us to be apart, especially as it is coming up to Christmas and we just want to be together.”

Carl was born with water on the brain and is partially paralysed, requiring the use of a wheelchair.

Homes for Haringey has told Mr Palmer his son can share a room with his sister, however he says Carl needs his own room with space for his specialist equipment.

Mr Palmer added: “I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. We’re not getting any support or help at all.

“I’m not being fussy. I just want a home with enough room to give my son a good quality of life.”

The Haringey Independent has contacted Homes for Haringey about Mr Palmer’s situation and is awaiting a reply.