Neighbours of a planned 100-hour pharmacy and needle exchange at a doctor’s surgery fear it will lead to an increase in disturbances.

The Somerset Gardens Family Healthcare Centre is seeking planning permission to open the facility inside its surgery in Creighton Road, Tottenham.

But more than 1,300 people have signed a petition against the plans and in support of the Pharmocare Pharmacy in White Hart Lane, 200 yards away from the surgery.

People fear a needle exchange and methadone distribution point will be part of the new pharmacy which will lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour.

Barbara Cordwell, of Headcorn Road has been fighting the plans said: “There just isn’t a need for a 100 hour surgery around here.

“We already have trouble with anti-social behaviour round here and the huge amount of traffic from football games, and there is no parking for anyone using the surgery as it is.

“If we get a 100-hour surgery with a needle exchange and methadone clinic problems will just get worse.

“There are lot of people against the proposals and most of all we don’t want to lose our local pharmacy. They’re great in there and they are part of the community.”

Amish Chikhlia, who runs the Pharmocare Pharmacy and has worked at the site for more than 25 years, fears the new outlet will impact on her trade.

He said: “If it was to get the go ahead it will really hurt business. There isn’t any need for a new pharmacy in the area especially a 100-hour one.

“We have been here for 25 years and we have seen generations of families grow up and use our shop.

“Things are already hard for us at the moment with cuts to NHS prescriptions and with the extra competition from the surgery will just make things worse.”

More than 30 people have registered objections to the planned pharmacy on the Haringey Borough Council planning website.

The Haringey Independent has contacted the Somerset Gardens Family Healthcare Centre and is awaiting a reply.