A former British soldier desperate for a suitable home for his disabled son has been offered a house.

Denzel Palmer, 35, who served in the army for eight years, last year appealed to housing association Homes for Haringey for somewhere more suitable for his disabled son Carl and the rest of his family, saying life was “becoming unbearable”.

The family currently lives in a small two-bedroom flat in Howard Road, Tottenham, and Mr Palmer applied last year for a home with room for the equipment his son needs.

After months of waiting and promises, the family of five has been offered a three-bedroom house in Tottenham that is better suited to their situation, thanks to help from the Haringey Independent.

The Iraq and Afghanistan veteran said: “I’m just really excited and happy the whole ordeal is over. We’re all looking forward to being a family again and being under one roof together.

“The whole process has been so stressful for everyone in the family and it’s just sad it has taken this long to sort out.

“I feel like I was forgotten about and we were put to the bottom of the pile. After years of service and fighting for this country I didn’t think I would be treated this way.

“I’m glad it is over now and we can move forward as a family.”

Carl, four, was born with water on the brain and is partially paralysed. He needs a wheelchair and attends the Vale School for children with special educational needs, in Trulock Road.