An independent report into schooling in Haringey says there is too much variation in the quality of education across the borough.

The report, entitled Outstanding for All, was released today by the independent Haringey Education Commission, chaired by Dame Anna Hassan.

The commission was given the task to provide recommendations for the future for education in Haringey to accelerate the improvement of schools.

In its report the commission said: “Overall, there is too much variation in the quality of education across the Borough, an erosion of confidence in the authority and a lack of co-ordination in services for schools."

It also said communication between the council and schools, the council and governing bodies and between primary and secondary schools was seen to be a major problem.

The commission made a number of recommendations, among them the goal that all Haringey schools should be judged by Ofsted as ‘good’ or better within three years.

The report also said the council should set each school individual targets, setting out what they need to achieve in order to meet the borough’s overall goal.

In a meeting this morning in front of headteachers, governors and parents, council leader Cllr Claire Kober pledged all schools in the borough would be rated good or outstanding within three years.

She said: "We want all our schools to be good or outstanding and together we are all clearly making progress on this.

She added: "Our next step will be to appoint an external education champion by April, who will work with us to deliver the commission’s recommendations.

She also announced there would be regular public meetings with parents, as well as the publishing of detailed information about the performance of each school and the council.

She added: “These important steps will form part of the overall delivery plan for how we address the recommendations made the by commission and ensure continued improvement.

“We’ll be accountable to schools, transparent with parents, target driven and we’ll use data better to strategically support schools.”

The commission, which was set up by Councillor Kober, met between April 2012 and January 2013 and gathered its evidence from Ofsted and with interest in schools in Haringey including parents governors and pupils.