A political pressure group hopes to get a thousand mothers to march through the streets of Haringey to protest against benefit cuts.

Reverend Paul Nicolson, of campaign group Taxpayers Against Poverty (TAP), plans to hold the march on the morning of Saturday April 13 to show opposition to housing benefit caps and the bedroom tax.

The group is calling for affordable housing and help for parents and carers..

Rev Nicolson said: “This is really a very serious situation and in my experience it is the mothers who will be hit with the brunt of it and really feel the squeeze.

“They will be forced to choose between heating their home and feeding their children.

“It is the mothers who face the daily stress of feeding their children, keeping them warm, paying the rent or coping with the council tax bailiffs' fees.

“Also they are the ones who may have to deal with being evicted as the caps, cuts, council tax and rising prices and rents take their toll.”

The march will begin outside Tottenham Town Hall, in Town Hall Approach and will then make its way up to the High Road before ending at to Northumberland Park School, in Trulock Road for a number of speeches.

A number of groups have lent their support to the march including Haringey Solidarity Group, Haringey Trades Union Council and Haringey UNISON.

Churches from across Haringey will be supporting the day of action.