A woman from Stroud Green has been given a three-year ASBO for urinating in public, setting doorways on fire and throwing stones at passers-by.

Sally Davin-Easey, of no fixed address, angered people in the area around Stroud Green Road after her behaviour became increasingly disruptive.

She had been seen publically taking class A drugs, sitting down in front of traffic and attempting to steal petrol from a local filling station.

Residents complained to both the police and Haringey Borough Council who decided to take action.

Ms Davin-Easey was handed an anti-social behaviour order that bans her from entering Stroud Green Road and the surrounding streets for three years.

She was also ordered not to use abusive language, start fires, or sleep in any doorway, garden or road.

Councillor Richard Watson, the council’s cabinet member for communities, said: “There is no excuse for the kind of aggressive and foul behaviour used by Sally Davin-Easey.”

“She has been abusive, she has threatened people’s personal safety and their right to clean communal areas - and she has also threatened to break the law by stealing.

“I applaud local residents and businesses who were very proactive in reporting incidents to the local authority and the police.

“This sends a powerful message that they stand together as a community and won’t tolerate anti-social behaviour or abuse.”

People who see Ms Davin-Easey in the Stroud Green Road area are asked to contact the police on 101.