Drug dealing and mass brawls are commonplace occurrences in a street were two teenagers were stabbed, according to neighbours.

People living in Ruskin Road, Tottenham, said they live in fear of violence and feel little has been done to help them.

Yesterday, two 16-year-old boys were taken to hospital after they were stabbed during a large fight which broke out around 12.30am.

A gun was found at the scene and four men remain in custody in a north London police station. 

A mother-of-one, who did not wished to be named, said the latest incident left her feeling frustrated rather than shocked.

She said: “I have lived in this street for five years and during that time I have seen so much violence on this road that this doesn’t surprise me.

“When I first moved here every weekend a gang of about 30 people would run up the road fighting.”

The woman added that drug dealing, mass brawls, illegal parties and anti-social behaviour were common in the street, despite numerous complaints to the police.

She said: “I have complained so much to the police about the problems in this street but nothing ever seems to get done.

“Tottenham police think they are doing a good job but as far as I’m concerned they are not. They only ever respond to the serious incidents but ignore the smaller problems.

“I’m frustrated because we feel like this area is completely neglected and unsafe.”

In 2012, a dispersal order giving Northumberland Park’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) the power to break up groups of two or more people was introduced to the area.

It came after police received a large number of complaints and concerns from people living in the area regarding drug use, gang activity and anti-social behaviour.

However, residents complained the area’s SNTs were overstretched and did not have the resources to do their job properly.

Councillor Sheila Peacock represents the Northumberland Park ward and said the area’s problems were caused by poverty and deprivation.

She said: “Northumberland Park is the poorest ward in the country and has the highest rate of unemployment in London so no wonder you have all these problems.

“All the houses in Ruskin Road are houses of multiple occupation with lots of people living in a small space and they normally they are very poor.

“For us to tackle the problem we need to tackle the poverty in Tottenham – by building more housing and creating more jobs.”

Inspector Neil Billany, of the North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said his officers were doing everything they could to make people living in Ruskin Road feel safer.

He said: "We are aware of ongoing anti-social behaviour in and around Ruskin Road and the High Road. Northumberland Park is a priority patrol area for my team and we do carry out uniformed foot patrols there on a daily basis.

“I take seriously the residents’ concerns and my team is working with the Haringey Council anti-social behaviour action team to target issues in this area.”

Insp Billany added that anyone affected by any of these issues should contact the Northumberland Park Safer Neighbourhood team either on 020 8721 2672 or via email