A landlord has been ordered to pay back more than £300,000 in profits made after he illegally converted two family homes into nine self-contained flats.

Tasking Izzet, of Southgate, Enfield, converted the houses in Hewitt Road and Burgoyne Road, in Harringay, without permission from Haringey Borough Council.

The authority’s planning department ordered him to convert the properties back to single dwellings but the notices were ignored.

Mr Izzet was taken to court for the first time in 2010 after he failed to comply with the enforcement notice.

He was taken to court a second time in 2011, which resulted in another conviction.

Despite this, subsequent planning inspection visits by Haringey council found no changes to the properties and Mr Izzet was prosecuted and convicted for a third time in January 2013.

He tried to appeal against his conviction at Wood Green Crown Court in March, arguing he had done all he could to comply with the enforcement notices, but the judge dismissed his version of events as “wholly lacking in specific detail”.

Following this conviction, the authority asked for a confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to strip Mr Izzet of the financial gain from his unlawful flat conversions.

At a final confiscation hearing last month, Mr Izzet was found to have benefited by £312,315 for the flats.

He was ordered to repay this within six months or face up to three years in prison.

In addition, he was fined £6,000 for each offence and ordered to pay court costs of £6,900.

Haringey council said it would take a share of the confiscation order and invest the money in further enforcement activities.

Cllr Joseph Ejiofor, Haringey’s cabinet member of planning and enforcement, said all landlords are responsible for ensuring properties adhere to correct planning rules and regulation.

He said: “Mr Izzet was given plenty of opportunity abide by the rules, but ignored repeated enforcement notices while continuing to profit from illegally converted properties.”

One of the properties has now been re-converted into a single house in line with the enforcement notice.

Checks will be made to ensure that the other property is also no longer in breach of the enforcement notice.