A 22-year-old wants to becomes the borough’s youngest politician so he can represents Haringey’s under-25s.

Adam Jogee, of Rathcoole Gardens, Hornsey, is standing as a Labour candidate in this year’s Haringey Borough Council election.

If elected he will be the youngest councillor on the authority.

Mr Jogee told the Haringey Independent that he wants to give teenagers and people in their early twenties a voice.

The former Highgate Wood student said: “As it stands under-25s have no voice on Haringey council and what does it say about our community if we don’t make an effort to engage young people.

“My generation is becoming increasingly apathetic about politics because they just don’t think that anybody cares about them.

“I speak to my friends and they always tell me that if I get elected then at least there will be someone on the council who can speak for young people.”

Mr Jogee has lived in Hornsey his entire life and got involved in politics from an early age – at 16 he was the first leader of the Haringey Youth Council.

He believes that increasing job opportunities and building more affordable housing is key to helping Haringey’s under 25s.

The aspiring councillor explained that people who were fresh out of university were struggling to find jobs and because of increasing housing prices were likely to never be able to buy a house in the borough.

He said: “Why should my friends and I be forced to move to Enfield or Walthamstow because we can’t afford to buy a house in this borough? We have lived our whole lives.

“Most young people are going through a rough time. How do you expect them to move out, start a life and contribute to society if they aren’t even represented at a local level?

“More job opportunities are key because that will give young people money, pride, access to skills and the chance to build a life.”

The 22-year-old currently works for the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP Diane Abbott.

Mr Jogee said: “There is a lot of work to do in Haringey and I want to be part of it.

“I’m not going into politics because I want to be a politician but because I want to be part of finding a solution.”

Mr Jogee will be running with Jennifer Mann and Dr Elin Weston against as yet unnamed Liberal Democrat candidates.