The police marksman who shot and killed Mark Duggan could be back on duty within weeks, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Last week, an inquest jury found the officer, known only as V53, had lawfully killed the 29-year-old in August 2011 despite him being unarmed when he was fired upon.

Mr Duggan, who was a suspected gangster, was fatally shot in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, during an armed police operation to tackle gun crime.

V53 and the other firearms officers involved in the incident will now start a post incident support programme.

This process includes medical tests, refresher training and an assessment of the individual officer's welfare.

A spokesman from the Met police said: “It is only after this process has been completed, which can take a number of weeks, that officers are eligible to return to carrying a firearm or commanding an armed operation if they choose to do so.

“Any suggestion the officers will immediately be deployed with firearms is premature.”

The 29-year-old’s family reacted with fury to the verdict given on Wednesday and called the rulling “perverse”.

Hundreds gathered outside Tottenham Police Station for a peaceful vigil to honour Mr Duggan’s life on Saturday.

His family and friends held a minute’s silence in his memory, before vowing to “continue fighting for answers” – they are expected to seek a judicial review against the inquest’s verdict.