The ring-leader of a group that made life a misery for neighbours in a housing estate has been barred from parts of Tottenham for two years.

Diego Bohorquez, 21, was given an anti-social behaviour order for terrorising people who live in Devon Close and the surrounding streets.

He would often hang out with other yobs in communal areas where he would openly smoke cannabis, drink alcohol, hurl abuse at neighbours, vandalise cars, damage property and drop litter.

Residents who tried to intervene were met with verbal abuse from Bohorquez and were accused of being “snitches” for attending Neighbourhood Watch meetings to discuss concerns.

The group even threw eggs, flour and paint on peoples’ cars, smashed windscreens and slashed tyres.

Haringey Borough Council’s anti-social behaviour action team and the police’s Tottenham Hale safer neighbourhood team worked with Devon Close residents to gather evidence of Bohorquez’s disruptive actions over a number of months.

The 21-year-old was given the opportunity to sign an acceptable behaviour agreement, which is similar to an ASBO but avoids legal proceedings, but he failed to show up for meetings to discuss his actions so the case was referred to court.

Tottenham magistrates granted an ABSO to exclude Mr Bohorquez from Down Lane Park and a number of Tottenham streets.

The order also stops him from congregating with four or more people anywhere in the borough.

Councillor Richard Watson, the council’s cabinet member for communities, said: “Mr Bohorquez was the driving force behind some very threatening and unacceptable behaviour, including drug taking, abuse and vandalism.

“His actions had a terrible impact on people living in Devon Close.”

Cllr Watson praised the bravery and determination of the authority’s anti-social behaviour team and the efforts of legal teams and local Police Sergeant Paul Kane.

He added: “Anti-social and criminal behaviour will not be tolerated in Haringey.”

The ASBO prohibits Mr Bohorquez from:

• Entering Devon Close or Down Lane Park or a number of surrounding streets bordered by Dowsett Road, Parkview Road, Watermead Way, Hale Road, Monument Way and High Road, Tottenham.

It also bans him from doing the following within the borough of Haringey: 

  • Loitering in any communal area of residential premises
  • Being in a group of four or more people (including himself)
  • Behaving in a manner that causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress
  • Doing any act (including making a statement), whether himself or by encouraging others to do so, which is likely to intimidate any person

Anyone who sees Mr Bohorquez in the area set out above should contact the council’s Anti-Social Behaviour hotline on 020 8489 1000.