Three men are being sought by the police in connection with coin throwing during an FA Cup match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

Police want to speak to the men after coins and other missiles were hurled at England star Theo Walcott as he was taken off on a stretcher during the game at Emirates Stadium on January 4.

Walcott and stewards received minor injuries as a result.

Officers have released images of the men, who are believed to have been in a section of the crowd occupied by Spurs fans.

The coins were thrown after Walcott signalled the Gunners' 2-0 lead to Spurs' supporters as he was taken off the pitch after suffering a knee injury.

The FA decided not to take further action against Walcott but instead said the player had been "reminded of his responsibilities".

An investigation has been launched and anyone with information about the men, or the incident itself, is asked to call the Public Order Crime Investigation Team on 07769 241315.