A housing report has revealed that 27 per cent of Enfield and Haringey people spend more than half their pay on housing.

The Fair Housing report by London Assembly Member Tom Copley also said that a further 34 per cent of residents across both boroughs spend between 25 and 50 per cent of their take-home pay on housing.

The report hopes to address the measures by establishing a London Housing Corporation and setting up a new system to provide low-cost loans for landlords.

Edmonton MP Andy Love has supported the recommendations.

He said: “These latest figures on housing affordability show just how desperate the situation has become across the capital and, with over a quarter of Enfield residents spending more than half their take home pay on housing, things are no better locally.

“The Mayor looks set to miss his targets on affordable home building, which were already insufficient; the number of people sleeping rough is rising rapidly; and residents who are priced out of buying homes are being hit by rogue landlord practices.

“As well as rapidly expanding the affordable housing supply, we urgently need to take the relatively smaller steps of establishing a London bad landlords register and a ‘Know Your Rights’ website for tenants.

"It is encouraging that Enfield Council is consulting on introducing a licensing scheme for landlords locally but capital-wide initiatives on many of these points really make sense and I hope London Mayor Boris Johnson takes action soon.”