Haringey’s Labour Party has said it will take no further action against a politician who was rebuked for making false allegations of racism.

Councillor Pat Egan, the group’s chief whip, said Cllr Pauline Gibson has learned her lesson after she was censured Haringey Borough Council’s standards committee on January 22.

The Noel Park ward councillor was found to have subjected three people to “unfair, unreasonable and demeaning” treatment by making accusations of racism and discrimination against them in emails.

Cllr Egan said: “I have spoken to the monitoring officer and Cllr Gibson and taken the decision that no further action is necessary.

“I am confident that Cllr Gibson will be more circumspect in future. I believe this has been a lesson for her.

“Cllr Gibson has resigned from her position on the standards committee but has retained her other outside appointments. Her membership of the Labour Group has not been affected.”

Committee members concluded that neither the content of her accusation nor the choice of audience for them could be reasonably justified.

They determined claims about the conduct of the three people could not be sustained, despite Cllr Gibson's belief to the contrary.

The committee also said Cllr Gibson was reckless about the accuracy of some of the allegations that she made about the complainants.

The Liberal Democrat opposition has called on Cllr Gibson to apologise.