Tottenham's Banksy mural, which was removed from a wall in the area in July, is due to go under the hammer at a London auction in April.

No Ball Games, which shows a boy and a girl throwing a sign which reads ‘no ball games’ in the air, was sprayed on the side of a shop on the corner of Philip Lane and Tottenham’s High Road almost five years ago.

Its removal, which happened just two months after the removal of the Turnpike Lane Banksy, prompted an outcry from residents furious at losing another piece of their heritage.

The mural will be put on auction by the Sincura Group at an event called “Stealing Banksy?”, which will take place over four days between April 24 and 27, at the Me London Hotel, in The Strand.

The group claims that all proceeds from the sale of the piece will be donated to Harringay-based charity Step by Step, which helps disabled children.

The company last year managed the sale of the Turnpike Lane Banksy graffiti ‘Slave Labour’, which is believed to have fetched more than £700,000.

This time, it says all proceeds from the sale of No Ball Games will be donated to Harringay-based charity Step by Step, which helps disabled children.

In a statement, Tony Baxter, the company’s director, said: "Firstly it should be noted that the Sincura Group do not steal art nor do we condone any acts of wanted vandalism or theft.

"We do not own the pieces of art, have never approached anyone to remove any artwork, or encourage its removal.

"To date we have made no financial gain from the sale of street art."

But not everyone believes the auctioneers have the right to sell the graffiti.

Keith Flett, of the Haringey Trade Union Congress, said: "Our view remains that the artwork was something Banksy did for the community in Tottenham.

"It should not have been removed, should not be auctioned and should be returned to the area from where it was taken."

Earlier today it was reported that another Banksy piece is due to be removed the wall of an east London shop so it too can be sold by the Sincura Group.

The ‘girl and balloon’ mural will be removed by Sunday before being exhibited and sold for about £500,000.