More than half of the people in Haringey would support giving volunteer police officers a 50 per cent council tax discount, according to a recent poll.

Fifty-five per cent of people who voted in the Haringey Independent’s poll would support a policy to grant Special Constables a tax break.

Another 43 per cent of people where against the proposal and two per cent were undecided.

Hornsey and Wood Green MP Lynne Featherstone and Haringey Liberal Democrats have called on Haringey Borough Council to give Special Constables a 50 per cent council tax discount.

They believe the discount would reward existing special constables and encourage more people to volunteer and help the police fight crime.

Special Constables spend up to 16 hours a month volunteering with the police - all without pay - in order to help make communities safer.

But sceptics have pointed out that other volunteers in the borough may give just as much time and receive no discount - and that an incentive goes against the spirit of volunteering.

There are currently 62 Specials in the borough and if they are all in tax band D it would cost the council around £46,000 to give the discount.