Tottenham Hotspur has announced pricing on ticket resale website Stubhub will be reviewed and 'flipping' of tickets banned.

The announcement was made on the Spurs website following complaints from fans about tickets being sold well above their face value.

There were also complaints of 'flipping' - tickets bought on StubHub only to be resold soon afterwards.

The club said: “Both the club and Stubhub undertook to review the service as the season progressed in order to monitor the use of the platform, conscious of our position of having a stadium that sells out and has a high demand for tickets.

It added: “A small minority of listings have gone against the spirit of the service and we shall now look to address these.

“The flipping of tickets on the StubHub site will be prevented and prohibited to ensure that fans wishing to list at a reasonable price can be reassured that those same tickets cannot be purchased and resold at a higher price."

Spurs also said it will review the use of the services with StubHub after the end of the season, with a view to amending season ticket terms and conditions and implementing new processes in respect of pricing.