FC Dnipro fans will hold a peaceful march before their team’s Europa League game against Spurs to honour those killed during protests in Ukraine.

Supporters from Dnipropetrovsk will join members of London’s Ukrainian population on Thursday evening in a march to remember the 88 people who died during the recent civil unrest in the country.

Scores of protesters were killed when paramilitary police in the country, loyal to the ruling government, attacked demonstrators calling for a regime change.

The first protester killed in the conflict was a 20-year-old from Dnipropetrovsk named Serhiy Nihoyen, and players from both Spurs and FC Dnipro wore black armbands in the first leg in respect to those who died.

Participating fans will march from the Haringey Irish Cultural and Community Centre, in Pretoria Road, to White Hart Lane with flags, placards, candles and black ribbons prior to kick off.