The Muswell Hill flat where a notorious serial killer boiled and hid the body parts of his victims has been put up for sale.

Dennis Nilsen butchered three men at 23D Cranley Gardens before disposing of their remains around his home.

The murderer had killed 12 men, mostly homeless homosexuals, before he moved to the converted house.

He was caught after a smell began emanating from the drains.

The property was auctioned for £240,000 last year but has now been renovated and put back on the market by estate agents Day Morris and Barnard Marcus at £350,000.

There is no mention of the flat’s grisly past on either estate agents’ listing, but both say they tell potential buyers to research the history of the property.

Nilsen, now 67, is serving a life term at HMP Full Sutton after he was convicted of six murders and two attempted murders in 1983.