The diving boards at a leisure centre in Crouch End have been temporarily saved as managers try to find “another solution”.

Fusion Leisure has today announced it will look at other options in order to keep diving facilities at Park Road Leisure Centre.

This comes after a public outcry against the plans to move the diving boards to Tottenham Green Leisure Centre – after promises were made that the centre’s diving facilities would be improved.

More than 1,900 people signed the petition to save the diving boards, including Olympic diver Tom Daley, former Olympic diver Leon Taylor, Tottenham MP David Lammy and Hornsey and Wood Green MP Lynne Featherstone.

In a statement Mark Munday, divisional director of Fusion in Haringey, said: “Fusion’s preference has always been to install a movable floor at Park Road without having to remove the diving boards.

“It may be that the most appropriate solution remains to move the boards to Tottenham Green or there may be another, as yet unidentified, solution.

“It may even be the case that no movable floor gets installed after all.”

Fusion won the 20-year contract to run the centre on the understanding it would refurbish the pool, put in a movable floor for the diving pool, expand the gym and make other improvements.

But half way through January it told Haringey Aquatics, a swimming and diving club which uses the pool, that plans had changed and diving facilities at Park Road would be removed.

Campaigners have accused Fusion and the council of offering one plan to the public for approval then switching to another to meet financial targets.

Mr Munday added: “Our next step will be to meet again with the action group next Wednesday, March 12, to confirm terms of reference and the details of the associated consultation.

“We expect the process to take place over the next three-four months, while the rest of the programme of refurbishment works continues.

“If we can find a satisfactory solution, it is likely that any further works would be undertaken under a separate contract.

“Fusion will of course continue efforts to develop leisure programmes and activities that will help drive up use of Haringey’s leisure facilities and increase revenue to meet the aims of our partnership with the council and also contribute towards our charitable objectives.”