Haringey Borough Council’s website has topped a poll of all local authority sites for the third year running.

Independent web watchdog the Society of IT Management (Socitm) hailed Haringey’s website as the best in London and said others could learn from it.

Its Better Connected report found the borough’s site is one of the best developed in the UK.

And the council was one of just four in the UK to score top marks in the survey for the third consecutive year.

Singled out for praise on Haringey’s site were:

  • Libraries – described as mobile-friendly, to the point and simple
  • School admissions – hailed as an overall “excellent experience” and a good example of making creative use of step-by-step presentation to explain the process to parents and carers
  • The search function
  • Accessibility
  • Mobile functions
  • Planning pages
  • Food business registration
  • The A-Z and general approach to top tasks

Better Connected explores identifies the top 20 best developed websites to offer a benchmark for others and to highlight where they might look for best practice.

A Socitm inspector described the council website as: “An excellent site which displays a lot of consideration for the needs of the user.

“I found myself regularly impressed by little touches that service to make things so much easier for the customer.”