Tottenham Hotspur has banned people from buying tickets on ticket resale website StubHub in order to sell them on at a higher price.

Last month the Haringey Independent put pressure on Spurs to review the StubHub platform following months of complaints from fans about tickets being sold well above their face value on the ticketing website.

The newspaper submitted 13 questions to the north London club about its relationship with the ticket resale website.

The north London club yesterday announced it has changed its ticket terms and conditions so supporters are cannot be "expolited".

Tottenham said the new rules will ensure season ticket holders wishing to list tickets at a reasonable price can be reassured that those same tickets cannot be purchased and resold at a higher price.

In an email send to One Hotspur season ticket holders and members, the club said the new rules would be brought in with immediate effect.

The news terms and conditions read: “Only Platinum, Gold and Silver Season Ticket holders can list a seat for sale on the StubHub platform for matches at White Hart Lane.

“Tickets purchased directly via StubHub for Tottenham Hotspur matches cannot be re-listed for sale.

“In the event that a purchaser is unable to attend a fixture after they have purchased a ticket via StubHub, the purchaser should contact StubHub customer services on 0800 358 8585 for further assistance.”

Spurs added that it is continuing to work with StubHub to identify additional amendments to the current processes to ensure the system operates in a “fair and transparent” way for the benefit of all supporters.

Here is the list of the Haringey Independent's 13 questions regarding Spurs' agreement with StubHub.

On March 13, Tottenham announced it would freeze season ticket prices for the 2014/15 football season. 

The questions are listed below and range from why the club axed the ticket-exchange facility to why it is ignoring the concerns raised by fans:

1. Many fans have complained about Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s current arrangement with StubHub yet the club appears to be largely ignoring their views. Does the club agree with this statement?

2. Why did the club axe the largely successful and fan-friendly ticket exchange facility?

3. Many fans state they believe the club opted for StubHub due to commercial reasons. Is this true and if so can you state how much the deal is worth to the football club?

4. Other than the upfront fee received, is the club paid any further amount at all from the resale of tickets through StubHub?

5. Does the club think it is fair for supporters to pay a percentage of the initial ticket sale and subsequent purchase to StubHub thus increasing the ticket price paid by fans?

6. Evidence from the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust shows that 91 per cent of tickets are being sold above face value on Stub Hub. Two category A games (Chelsea and West Ham) sold at an average price of 135 per cent and 53 per cent above face value respectively. Is the club concerned by these figures?

7. Is the club also concerned that more than 50 tickets remain on sale for the Arsenal game priced at £500 or above?

8. Many fans have claimed that people purchasing StubHub tickets are not Spurs fans. In particular, complaints were made after the Liverpool and Man City games that opposition fans were sitting in areas designated for home fans only? Does this concern the club? Can the club confirm if any fans purchasing tickets via StubHub have been ejected or moved to the away section?

9. Has the club made any special arrangements to ensure this does not happen during the Arsenal game?

10. In 2005 the club launched a very effective ‘Out the Tout’ campaign. The club stated that it was: “stepping up its campaign to ensure that as many tickets as possible end up in the hands of genuine supporters. We are well aware that tickets for "sold-out" matches are still finding their way in to the hands of ticketing organisations and that our tickets are being widely advertised in the press at exorbitant prices. Rest assured, we do not - and will not - turn a blind eye to this practice.” Does the club agree that it appears to be turning a blind eye to the ‘exorbitant prices’ being charged on StubHub?

11. Will the club consider setting a ‘price ceiling’ for Spurs season ticket holders using StubHub?

12. Will the club consider setting a limit throughout the season for the number of times a season ticket holder is allowed to make their seat available on StubHub?

13. During the Out the Tout campaign the club stated: “Touts prevent true supporters from attending games unless they are prepared to pay outrageous prices. Touts don't care for the Club or our supporters. Touts are unscrupulous and will sell tickets to anyone who is prepared to pay their price - even away supporters. This is unfair to our loyal fans and can easily result in crowd trouble.” Would the club agree that this statement could be a fair reflection on how fans currently feel about purchasing tickets through StubHub? If not, could the club state how it believes StubHub is different?