Barnet was the worst north London borough for hit and run crashes between 2009 and 2012, police figures show.

With 528 recorded incidents in four years, including four deaths, the borough experienced more hit and run crashes than neighbouring Haringey, Enfield and Harrow.
Between 2009 and 2012, the annual total of incidents ranging from fatal to slight ranged from 130 in 2009, to 158 the following year, before returning to 130 again in 2012.

Harrow suffered the lowest number, with a four-year total of 209, while Haringey and Enfield ran close behind Barnet with 503 and 489 respectively.

There were no deaths in Harrow during the recorded period, with three in Haringey and four in Enfield.

London-wide, more than 74 people a week were injured in collisions involving hit and run drivers in the capital in 2012.

Greater London Authority figures show an increase in hit and runs each year from 2009.

The data, from the Met's London Road Safety Unit, was obtained by Green Party London Assembly member Jenny Jones, who says the increasing number of incidents in the capital is being blamed on a higher number of illegal drivers.

She said: “The Met has made a lot of progress in tackling the problem of hit and run drivers in recent years by removing thousands of uninsured and unlicensed drivers from our streets.

“But the number of hit and runs in London remains at a high level which is incredibly concerning.

“We need the police to crack down on these illegal drivers urgently. We need to make our streets safer and to send a clear message that illegal drivers will not be tolerated.”