A vicar behind a protest against welfare cuts has said more need to be done to help the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

The Reverend Paul Nicolson, of Campbell Road, Tottenham, has organised the 1,000 Mothers March, on March 29.

In the demonstrattion, 1,000 people will walk down High Road, Tottenham to demand a living wage for people and decent, affordable homes to rent or buy.

The Rev Nicolson, who runs a group called Taxpayers Against Poverty, is also protesting against the so-called bedroom tax, as well as benefit caps and unfair taxes.

He said: “The Government’s welfare cuts are hitting disabled people and single mothers – it’s not right that austerity hurts vulnerable people while the rich get richer.

“People are seeing the little money they get in benefits get cut while foodbanks are increasingly being seen as an alternative to social security.

"David Cameron likes to talk about the 'something for nothing' culture – what about the millionaires who make money because the value of their properties keeps going up while they do nothing?”

People who wish to attend the march have been asked to meet at 11am at Bruce Castle Park, in Lordship Lane.