An MP calling for a trial closure of a “rat run” in Wood Green says it is of the “utmost importance”.

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, has promised to push for all non-residential traffic to be banned from Watsons Road for six months.

After visiting the road on Friday afternoon, the Liberal Democrat MP agreed to ask Haringey Borough Council to ban large lorries from the street altogether.

The announcement comes after months of complaints and demonstrations from people living in Ringslade Road, Watsons Road and Cumberland Road.

The streets are used as a shortcut by upwards of 2,600 cars and lorries daily, according to residents.

Motorists use the roads as an “escape route” to get from High Road to Station Road as they are unable to take a right turn. Watsons Road connects High Road to other small residential streets.

Speaking to a gathering of over 20 people who live in the affected streets, Ms Featherstone said: “The council has broken its promises. They promised a ban on lorries, but we have seen nothing.

“They also promised a road closure, but again we have seen nothing. Residents here are becoming jaded after so many broken promises.

“Without question there should be a trial road closure, and the lorries have to be stopped regardless. It is of the upmost importance as Ringslade Road should not bear the brunt of traffic.”

Residents claim high levels of through traffic are damaging the houses on the three affected streets, as well as lowering peoples’ quality of life.

Alex Parrish, 44, who lives in Cumberland road, said: “The buildings here are essentially workers cottages, which cannot take this amount of traffic.

“We are beginning to notice cracks in the walls, and fences keep on getting knocked down by big vehicles.”

Other residents complained about lorries regularly getting stuck on Ringslade Road causing traffic jams.

Wayne Libonati, 50, of Ringslade Road, said: “Every few weeks a lorry gets stuck here and the police have to be called.

“I have lived here for seven years and it’s getting worse every year.

“It’s affecting my quality of life. You get depressed about the battle with the council.”

Haringey Borough Council have agreed to hold a meeting at the Civic Centre in High Road, Wood Green, on March 26th to discuss the problem.

A Haringey Council spokesman said: “We’ve been working with residents to discuss their concerns for the past year, and this meeting will be a chance for everyone to have their say.

“We’ve already carried out pavement, road and lighting improvements to Watsons Road, and we’ll continue to listen to the community, TfL and other partners on the best way forward.”