A protest againsts benefit cuts and changes to welfare has been backed the borough's trade unionists. 

The Haringey Trade Union Congress has supported the Thousand Mothers March, organised by protest group Taxpayers Against Poverty.

In the demonstration, 1,000 people will walk down High Road, Tottenham to demand a living wage for people and decent, affordable homes to rent or buy.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said: “Tottenham is often in the news for reasons relating to football or, occasionally, riots. 

"Less headline-making is that the area has had the highest unemployment in London for some years and it also contains some of the poorest council wards in the UK.

“It is clear from today’s survey of the impact of the bedroom tax that it has disrupted the lives of many and saved comparatively little money.”

The Thousand Mothers March will start from Bruce Castle Park at 11:30am and progress down Tottenham High Road to a rally at Tottenham Green East.

People who wish to attend the march have been asked to meet at Bruce Castle Park in Lordship Lane at 11am.