Residents in Bounds Green will be patrolling their own streets in a bid to end a spate of burglaries.

Following 17 break-ins in the past two weeks, residents formed a committee to try to find a solution.

Laurie Gabay, of Highworth Road, has led concerns and thinks it is time for residents to take it upon themselves to prevent crime.

She said: “Burglaries are happening all the time in the area, whether that be day or night and we have very few police around to deal with the issue.

“Ideally we would like to see more police doing rounds but we are going to start doing rounds ourselves to keep a lookout."

Ms Gabay claimed that Highworth, Warwick, Wakefield and Stanley Roads have been the worst affected, with seven burglaries taking place along her street.

She added: “If we could get a few of us to walk up and down the road for ten to 15 minutes looking for anything suspicious, we can stop crime for sure.

“Amazingly, after our meeting to discuss the issues, we saw a policeman outside and we all said to ourselves ‘oh my god’ a real policeman in the area.”

The neighbourhood group has also suggested blocking nearby alleyways or a grant from Enfield Resident’s priority fund to help bring break-ins to a halt.