Hundreds brandished placards as they marched through Tottenham to protest against changes to welfare.

Campaigners from across London pounded through Tottenham High Road as part of the Thousand Mothers March, on Saturday.

Carole Duggan, the aunt of Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by an armed police officer in 2011, attended the event to show her support for the cause.

Protesters gathered to call for the benefits cap to be scrapped and for an end to the removal of the spare-room subsidy, also known as the bedroom tax.

The marchers also demand a living wage for people and decent, affordable homes to rent or buy.

It was the second year running the Reverend Paul Nicolson, of Taxpayers Against Poverty had organised the protest.

He said: “It went extremely well. We had between two and three hundred people there and five single mothers who are being evicted from their homes in Stratford there.

“They addressed the crowd in Tottenham Green and their stories were absolutely heartbreaking.

“It was sad that not a single councillor from Haringey was at the march to hear these stories.”

Rev Nicolson added that members of the church should do more to help society’s less fortunate.

He said: “I was also sad to see that there were only a few members from the church there.

“I think the church needs to play a greater role in standing up for the poor and disenfranchised in society.”