A group that claims to represent the country’s taxpayers has reprimanded two sitting councillors who were summonsed for not paying their council tax.

The TaxPayers' Alliance said the Labour politicians had failed to set a good example for their constituents.

Haringey Borough Council has refused to identify the two councillors but confirmed they were ordered to attend court for non-payment of council tax between April 2011 and March 2012.

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "A councillor who is being chased to pay their own council tax bill can’t claim to be a credible representative of residents.

“Local politicians should set an example and pay on time, not create further costs to taxpayers from the resulting legal action.

“It’s not surprising that some struggle though, given a decade of council tax rises have added to the burden of bills faced by every family."

During a meeting last week, council leader Claire Kober was accused of failing to take action against two “reprobate” councillors.

The leader of the Labour-run council said she is not informed when councillors are behind on their council tax and could not therefore be held responsible.

She added: “I can only reiterate that it is really important that councillors pay their council tax.”

A Haringey council spokesman said: "Following the summonses, the outstanding amounts were paid in full and all members were therefore entitled to vote at the 2012 Full Council budget meeting.

"It would not be appropriate under the relevant data protection legislation for the council to identify the individuals concerned.”