A tenant who harboured gang members in his flat and acted as a watchman for drug dealers has been evicted after action by Haringey Council.

Residents of the Lindales, in Grasmere Road, Tottenham, were too terrified to testify against Valentino Mambakasa for fear of reprisals.

But the council’s anti-social behaviour action and legal teams worked with local people to compile a dossier of evidence against him and a judge at Edmonton County Court granted a possession order on Tuesday.

The judge rejected Mr Mambakasa’s defence and said it was clear he had no intention of trying to mend his ways.

The court heard how Mr Mambakasa had a history of smoking cannabis, would often allow known gang members into the Lindales to smoke drugs and would alert drug dealers if police officers were approaching. He also had a history of rent arrears.

When questioned in court, Mr Mambakasa claimed he had never taken drugs, despite having previously signed an acceptable behaviour contract and admitting in an interview with anti-social behaviour officers that he regularly smoked cannabis.

Mr Mambakasa also pointed the finger at other residents, said he had reported anti-social behaviour and claimed the council had allowed troublemakers into the Lindales by failing to fix a communal door. 

But his claims were dismissed by the judge, who was satisfied that  Mr Mambakasa was a drug user who had caused anti-social behaviour and had colluded with known gang members.

Cllr Richard Watson, cabinet member for communities, said: “Mr Mambakasa had been making residents’ lives a misery for many years – allowing gang members to gather at the Lindales and even keeping lookout for police to protect his friends from being caught.

“Residents were understandably terrified to give evidence in court but we are incredibly grateful to those who found the courage to share their experiences with our anti-social behaviour team so that we could compile enough evidence to secure this eviction.

“We will not stand for anti-social behaviour in Haringey and will always work to protect and support residents whose lives are being blighted by this kind of unacceptable activity.”