An environmental campaigner has called on both Haringey Borough Council and the community to do more to tackle fly-tipping.

Quentin Given, the co-ordinator of Friends of the Earth in Tottenham and Wood Green, believes the best way to tackle the problem is for neighbours to work with the local authority.

He said the problem has been getting better in recent years but it shouldn’t be happening at all.

Mr Given said: “Tottenham and Wood Green have a very transient population so when new people move in, stuff just gets chucked out in the street.

“There are plenty of bins in the borough and it shouldn’t be happening at so there need to be more enforcement from the council and neighbours should help them by reporting it when they see it.”

The 60-year-old campaigner said the authority should increase the number of mobile patrols and make better use of CCTV to ensure private landlords and businesses do not dump rubbish in the streets.

He added: “It’s especially important that residents report any fly-tipping to the council because obviously they have less money to work with these days.

“But part of it is also changing attitudes – we have to make sure that people don’t want to litter their own area.”

Haringey Council has encouraged all residents to download its Our Haringey smartphone application to report any incidents of fly-tipping.

A spokesman said there have been 826 fixed penalty notices, 31 prosecutions, and three cautions in the past year against people who have dumped rubbish in the streets.

He said: “Working with our waste contractors Veolia, we’re committed to reducing fly-tipping in Haringey and quickly removing dumped rubbish, with an aim of six hours for smaller items on major roads.

“We offer a free bulky waste collection for recyclable items, and we encourage residents to report any problems online or through the Our Haringey mobile app so we can take action.

“Our Neighbourhood Action Team regularly patrols the borough, and when we have evidence we will always seek to fine or prosecute fly-tippers caught in the act.”