A parking attendant saved the life of a pensioner who crashed her car through the first floor of a car park.

David Adesina, of Hackney, risked life and limb to rescue an 82-year-old woman at Bury Road Car Park, in Bury Road, Wood Green, on Monday, April 7.

The 27-year-old said it all started when he heard a loud bang at around 5.50pm.

He said: “She was coming down the ramp and as she was turning around she panicked and hit the gas and went through the wall.

“I heard a really loud crash and there was dust everywhere – I thought the vehicle was going to fall onto the street outside.

“My reaction was to quickly get there and get her out and make sure the car could not fall off.”

Mr Adesina pulled the pensioner out of the Volkswagen Polo before pulling the vehicle back from the edge with his bare hands.

He said: “The old lady just saying “my shopping, my shopping” - that’s all she was worried about.

“I was just happy she was ok and luckily no-one on the street was hurt because a lot of bricks fell onto the road and if anyone was walking past they could have died.”

The 27-year-old called the ambulance service but the woman was unhurt and the police arrived a short time later and took over the scene.

Mr Adesina added: “The police said I had done very well and my manager said thank god you were here because that woman could have died.

“The old lady’s daughter came by the next day to pick up the car and she told her mother was ok – just a little shaken up.”