A baby and an elderly man were pulled from a burning car moments before it exploded outside a South Tottenham synagogue.

Two worshippers braved intense heat to rescue the elderly man from the passenger side of the car, while the female driver pulled the baby from a back seat as the car was engulfed in flames.

Four family members were travelling in the silver Peugeot 307 when the engine caught fire along Craven Park Road shortly after 5pm on Sunday.

Hundreds of Jewish worshippers were celebrating Passover at the Craven Park Road Synagogue when the drama unfolded in the street outside.

Witnesses said it took moments for the flames to spread from the engine to the main body of the car, which was left a burnt-out shell.

Members of the synagogue named the two men who came to the aid of the elderly man as Moses Kupermann and a former Israeli soldier named Shlomo, who is currently visiting the UK.

Firefighters arrived within minutes to extinguish the blaze and the family were taken inside the synagogue to recover.

Police are not treating the incident as suspicious.