An art group has created a day to celebrate Tottenham's "hidden gem" - the canals that run through the area.

Sixteen artists from POST held the first ever Canalology (the study of canals) art event in the area.

Attractions ranged from Markfield Park in South Tottenham, where passers-by could observe the history of Tottenham’s canals, to the Tottenham marshes and the waterside centre, where artists created sculptures built from the findings at the centre.

Organiser Natasha Vicars was delighted by the level of interest.

She said: “We are always looking for different shows in places all over London and we were very interested in the canal route.

“It is an entirely different network in our city and is a hidden gem, it is not necessarily something people often come and visit so we were keen of showing a different side to Tottenham.”

Those who took part in the tour up the canals were also able to experience, Canalgae Floss, a sludgy green coloured candyfloss, resembling canal algae.

Ms Vicars said: “If the popularity is there then we would love to come back and do something different. We think this is a way of bringing people together and encounter something entirely unexpected.”

POST chairman Samantha Penn said: "Our aim was to present fascinating things about Tottenham; to show this part of the capital in new and different ways in the understanding that, while art can temporarily alter the landscape in surprising and magical ways, the character of the canals in Tottenham is a true one-off."