Young people from Haringey have been given the chance to take part in an expedition into the depths of the jungle.

The People’s World Carnival Band have been offered the chance to send two young people on a ten-week trek organised by development charity Raleigh International, which will pay a total of £8,000 towards costs.

The rest of the costs will be covered by fundraising and donations.

Four young people will be nominated by the Carnival Band, and the final two will be selected based on their performance on a two-day survival course.

Sally Sturgeon, co-ordinator of the People’s World Carnival Band, said: “Obviously this isn’t our usual kind of thing, but this is a life changing thing for young people in Tottenham. It makes them see that they’ve got choices in life, and it gives them confidence.

“The things they do on these expeditions are amazing. They might have to walk eight miles for water, or they might work on a sustainability project.”

The two selected young people will be sent to one of Borneo, Costa Rica or Tanzania.