A vicar who is refusing to pay his council tax will take his case to the High Court.

The Reverend Paul Nicolson is refusing to pay the tax on grounds that it disproportionately affects benefits claimants and those on low income.

In August, a liability order was issued against Rev Nicolson for his refusal to pay council tax, which will cost him £125.

The clergyman will now ask judges in the High Court to order a judicial review of these charges.

A council spokesman has previously said the authority has struggled to reduce council tax for those on low income due to the Government’s decision to abolish council tax benefit.

She said: “This left Haringey council facing a funding gap of almost £4million and the introduction of Haringey’s Council Tax Reduction scheme followed extensive consultation with residents.

“Direct support from government for council tax reduction schemes reduces year on year.

“It would simply not be sustainable for the council to absorb the cost of the Government’s cut, especially when already faced with reductions in government grant of around £144million up to 2016.”