Haringey men will be the first in the UK to be offered a new online service allowing patients to chat to GPs.

Man MOT, which has been developed by the charity Men’s Health Forum, gives men the opportunity to talk to a doctor via a computer, tablet or smartphone, and has been funded by a grant from the Department of Health.

Men’s Health Forum says that the service hopes to address the fact that, in the UK, one man dies prematurely every five minutes.

Jim Pollard, the project manager, said: “We know that men don’t go and see their GP when they should, whereas women do.

“The aim of this is to make it as easy as possible for men to get help, and we want to show that this is a cost-effective way of reaching harder to get men.”

He added: “We’ve had some great partnerships with Haringey in the past”.

Haringey Man MOT is currently up and running on the Men’s Health Forum website.