Campaigners have accused the council of breaching their privacy by illegally publishing their names, addresses, phone numbers and private correspondence.

The private details of residents of Ringslade Road in Wood Green, who have been campaigning for 18 months to have the road closed to through-traffic, were accidentally published as part of a Freedom of Information request.

The council then took more than 24 hours to remove the information from the public domain, and failed to correctly redact the information a second time in response to complaints.

Resident Nick Blackford said: “It’s unbelievable that they’ve just published all of our information like this. I was recently burgled, so having my name and address out there just makes me feel really nervous.

“It’s annoying having that information out there in the public realm, after everything. I feel like I can’t really rely on the council for anything. We pay a lot of tax. Everyone makes mistakes, but with them it seems like it’s just all of the time.”

Mr Blackford said that after receiving an initial apology from the council, he asked how its Freedom of Information processes would change to prevent this from happening again, but received no response.

In an email to residents, a council spokesman said: “The officers that were responsible for this FoI request are aware of their error and have asked me to pass on their sincere apologies.

“We have also arranged additional training for all of the officers that handle FoI requests to ensure that they are aware of our data protection obligations when responding to FoI requests.

“I would also like to assure you that this matter has been taken very seriously by Haringey Council at the highest level. I apologise again for any distress or inconvenience caused.”