A motorcycle fanatic was riding his new bike at nearly twice the speed limit when he was in a fatal collision with a turning car, an inquest has heard.

Rory Mondesir-Payne, 26, suffered multiple injuries after he was flung from his blue and white 750cc Suzuki GXR when it smashed into a Subaru Legacy on the A10 Great Cambridge Road on July 18 last year.

Crash investigators calculated Mr Mondesir-Payne, a father-of-two, was travelling at an average speed of 77mph - covering 34 metres per second - as he rode up the inside bus lane at the junction with Empire Avenue.

His bike collided with the passenger side of the car as it made a left turn across the bus lane into Empire Avenue.

A post mortem established the keen rider, of Stanhope Gardens, Finsbury Park, suffered multiple fatal injuries and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Mondesir-Payne, nicknamed Bashy by his friends, a slang term for looking good, had owned the Suzuki on which he was killed for just two weeks before the accident, but was described by his friends as an experienced and skilled rider.

The driver of the Subaru told North London Coroner’s Court this morning how his vision had been obscured by a tipper truck that pulled up close behind him as he made the left turn into Empire Avenue.

The layout of the road was changed days after the fatality to allow drivers to move into the bus lane before making the turn.

The inquest also heard how residents to the junction had complained of several accidents before the fatal crash on July 18.

Road crash investigator PC Christopher Aslett told the court there were no road markings to suggest Mr Mondesir-Payne had braked before the collision.

He agreed with Coroner Andrew Walker’s suggestion that, given the speed at which the bike was travelling, the rider “gave himself no chance of avoiding the collision”.

PC Aslett said: “At that sort of speed, the rider hasn’t given himself or other road users a chance to react to his presence.”

Recording a conclusion of accidental death, Coroner Walker said: “Had it not been changed already, it would have been my intention to have the layout of this road amended. The rapidity at which it was changed shows me that it was needed.”

Mr Mondesir-Payne's motorbike fatally collided with a Subaru on the A10 Great Cambridge Road at the junction with Empire Avenue