Detectives investigating the disappearance of a nine-year-old boy in Tottenham say the incident is “concerning”.

Daequan George was last seen by his mother at about 8pm last night playing with a group of boys in a residential area between Stamford Close and Broad Lane.

He was reported missing by his mother in the early hours of this morning after failing to return home.

Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman held a press conference outside Tottenham Police Station this morning, almost 15 hours since the boy was last seen.

He explained that police had been approaching children in the area to try and establish the boy’s whereabout.

He said: “When we spoke to some of the children they didn’t know his name, but when we showed them the photo they recognised him as a local boy.

“We’re particularly appealing to those who were in that area at the time to look at the picture of Daequan, and ask the question: did I see him?

“Those who may know where he is: Daequan isn’t in any trouble. Mum wants to know that he’s safe.”

Daequan lives with his mother at Stamford Close, and often goes out to play in the surrounding area.

Superintendent Clayman said that officers would continue to contact residents this morning, and that schools in the area were being contacted.

He said: "We've got lots more officers coming into the area to help and we've got a lot of CCTV footage to search.

“This is not necessarily a suspicious incident, but it’s concerning. I’ve got to keep all of the options open.

“There’s not any evidence of an argument at home. He has gone missing before, but never overnight.

“He hasn’t got much money on him, we know that.”

Police are asking anyone who has any information on Daequan’s whereabouts to call 101.