Muggings, sexual harassment and drug dealing have made a busy road in Wood Green a no-go zone for some women.

The stretch of Lordship Lane between Wood Green station and Dunbar Road has become a popular meeting place for groups of men, some of whom leer and shout at passers by.

Women have spoken to the Times Series about feeling too scared to walk along the road at night, and there have also been reports of handbag snatchings.

However, few residents have reported these problems to the police, and Borough Commander Victor Olisa says he is “not aware” of an issue.

Jess Schon, 29, who lives in nearby Sterling Road, says her husband has to pick her up from Wood Green station after work as she cannot face walking down the road alone.

She said: “It’s got out of control now. I’ve watched them do it to every woman who walks past. They swear and they try and grab the girl’s behind.” 

Mrs Schon added: “We’ve had two handbags dumped in the dustbin outside our house with all the money taken out. There is a real bag snatching problem now, and I have seen them trying to rob people.”

Anti-social behavior is also affecting businesses on the busy A-road, which is a vital shopping street for residents. Shopkeepers have reported declining sales.

John Kocak, 54, who owns a fish and chip shop in Lordship Lane said: “People can’t come here because of dodgy guys walking around. It’s bad for business.

“Women don’t use this strip because of all the shouting, but I’m just fearful for the kids. There are three schools nearby.”

The problem of anti-social behavior in Lordship Lane has become a regular complaint during Woodside ward councillor surgeries. 

Labour Councillor Ann Waters said: “Enough women of various backgrounds have raised the issue, and it seems a very serious problem. We have alerted the police.”

Cllr Waters added that there have also been reports of drug dealing on nearby Chapmans Green, which was recently awarded green flag status. 

Haringey Police Borough Commander Victor Olisa, said: “I would like people to report it to us. We will do something about it. If it means putting more feet on the ground or looking at CCTV it will be done.

“We do not want to put officers into Lordship Lane on a whim. We need to evaluate the risk and manage the resources we have. So report to us please.”