Three men have been found guilty of murdering a young man in a "cowardly" revenge attack.

Ibrahim Ali, aged 20, was stabbed to death at Stamford Close, Tottenham, on March 10, 2013.

Chez Degoze, 28, of Coleridge Road, his brother Reice Brown, 21, of Craven Park Road, and Lemar Martin, 18, of Ermine Road were found guilty of Ali’s murder, and of unlawfully wounding a 20-year-old man who was with Ali at the time of the attack.

Tara Phillips, 33, of Hertfordshire, was found not guilty of murder and attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

In the early hours of the morning, Mr Ali attended a party in Stamford Close, but was part of a group asked to leave shortly before 5am following an argument over the price of drink.

The fight spilled out onto the street, but Mr Ali and a friend began to walk away.

However, they were attacked at the junction of Stamford Road and Broad Lane.

Ali was stabbed in the stomach so viciously his intestines were exposed. He was found collapsed in the reception of a cab firm about 100m away in Broad Lane.

He was pronounced dead at the Royal London Hospital at 6.52am.

His friend received several wounds to his head and elbow but managed to escape further injury by running to Tottenham Hale railway station.

Police enquiries revealed the motive was related to a fight between two groups at the Goose pub in Wood Green a month previously.

Another of Chez Degoze's brothers (not Rhys Brown) had been assaulted during the incident, suffering serious head injuries.

Further investigations revealed Tara Phillips had been at the party on Sunday relaying the movements of Mr Ali’s friend to her boyfriend, Mr Degoze, who was outside in her car.

She had also been at the Goose pub earlier on with Mr Degoze and his brother.

She later lied to police, saying her boyfriend was called "John", and that he wasn't at the party that night.

Searches of the crime scene revealed a bag containing two knives and a baseball bat, with another knife propped up against an adjacent wall. Two of the blades revealed traces of blood from both victims.

In a police interview, Martin admitted receiving a calling from Degoze on the night of the murder asking for help to get knives.

He then made his way to the party where he met Degoze and Brown outside. Degoze stated they were "going to get the two they are after".

Degoze and Brown then stabbed Ali and his friend.

Martin, also armed with a knife, chased after the victim's friend as he fled but couldn't catch him.

The trio then reunited and made off, disposing of the knives on the way.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Mark Lawson, of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: "This was a brutal and calculated revenge attack on Ibrahim Ali that stemmed from a fight at a pub in Wood Green a month before. We welcome the convictions today.

"Ibrahim turned up at a party, unaware that Tara Phillips and her boyfriend Chez Degoze, who had been present that night in Wood Green, were also there. They set in motion a chain of events that led to an orgy of violence involving Degoze, his brother Rhys Brown and friend Lemar Martin.

"It was predictable that the defendants didn't have the courage to plead guilty and take responsibility for their actions given the cowardly nature of their attack on Ibrahim. One can scarcely imagine the heartbreak suffered by Ibrahim's family who are still struggling to come to terms with the loss of their son."

Sentencing will take place on Wednesday, May 21.