A 71-year-old man from Northamptonshire said that people in Haringey “restored his faith in humanity” after they came to his aid when he fell in the street.

Roger Haynes, of Kettering, had travelled to White Hart Lane with his son Jeremy to watch the Ledley King testimonial match on May 12, when he fell.

Mr Haynes was taken to St Ann’s Hospital with a fractured and dislocated his shoulder and two broken ribs.

He said: “We were walking back to the car after the game and there were quite a lot of people in front of us walking along the road. The next thing I know I was literally flying through the air.

“There was a second where I thought I was going to die. I smashed my glasses and my shoulder.

“So many people stopped to help me and offered to call an ambulance. They made a sling out my scarf, and one lady came out and brought me a chair to sit on. I couldn’t believe how helpful they were.”

Mr Haynes, who runs an electronics business, said he “lost his faith in humanity” following a previous fall, in his home of Kettering, and was therefore “extremely surprised” at how kind people were.

He said: “Four years ago, I went out to my car in the snow. I live in a secluded close, on the corner, and traffic coming round the bend drives very slowly.

“As I went out, I slipped over on a bit of ice and snapped my ankle and ended up with a couple of pins in my foot.

“While I was down there on the ground, there must have been around 12 or 15 cars that came round the bend and were looking at me, and all of them just carried on driving. It completely shattered my faith in people. But that’s been restored by people in Tottenham.”

Mr Haynes added: “Because I was in so much pain I didn’t really get any phone numbers or addresses to write to people and thank them.”

Following his injuries, Mr Haynes can walk, but has no upper arm movement.