Cars speeding along narrow streets, loggerhead traffic jams on a daily basis and constant beeping and revving from irate motorists.

These are just some of the complaints raised by readers when we asked them to send us their nominations for the Worst Rat Run in North London.

Dozens of people responded by venting their frustrations and nominating their own stress-inducing thoroughfare.

And now, having now sorted through all of the entries, we have compiled a list of the worst ten.

Cressingham Road, Edgware

What you said: “The road is nothing short of a race track during the morning and evening rush hours. It is used as a rat run in both directions by drivers cutting through this densely populated estate. What compounds the problem are the factors that Cressingham Road runs alongside Watling Park, which has three entrance gates alongside the pavement. This makes it especially dangerous for the many children that use this very large park.”

Chapel Lane, Pinner

What you said: “It is supposed to be a quiet road beside the park. Unfortunately now it's a race track for cars and heavy goods vehicles. The lane is not wide enough for two cars to pass, it's on a slight hill and has a long blind spot half way up. Regrettably, the pavement is very narrow as well and does not allow two people to pass without one going into the road. With cars passing you at 30 to 40mph just inches away, it's an accident waiting to happen. I have just recently delivered 80 petition letters into Westbury Lodge Close and Windsor court asking for the council to do something to slow traffic down. We have had 50 signed letters back.”

Allerton Road, Borehamwood

What you said: “This road is just a terrible rat run. People use it as a short cut from Radlett up to Aycliffe Road and they use it to avoid the humps in Aycliffe Road. 

“We have a school at the end of the road, so it is very busy, and buses travel up and down it as well. There is also a park where lots of little children play, but people speed up and down because it is a clear stretch of road.  There are no signs to say that there are children playing or a school sign, and there is no speed limit sign to be seen. This is an accident waiting to happen.”

Hartforde Road, Borehamwood, from Cowley Hill Road to Brook Road

What you said: “The parking on both sides of the road is awful, there are major traffic jams at school times, and when the road is clear during the day and evenings it is like a race track with no traffic calming. A car smashed into my neighbour’s front garden wall, resulting in our wall having to be replaced at a cost of £2,000.”

Chase Green Avenue (A) and Drapers Road (B), Enfield

What you said: “They are both pleasant residential streets that are plagued by fast moving traffic at most times of the day. Drapers Road is used to cut off the roundabout at the junction of the Ridgeway and Lavender Hill and Chase Green Avenue provides a quick way to get into Enfield Town, avoiding Windmill Hill. Having lived in the area for nearly 40 years the worsening changes are very noticeable.”

Ringslade Road/Watson Road, Wood Green

What you said: “Figures show that 2,600 vehicles use this road as a cut-through every day. At peak time, 8am, it's 300 vehicles an hour. This dips a little after 9am but is pretty constant throughout the day.  It's been a long time wrestling with the council on this and at a recent public meeting the council said they were considering 3 options, one of which was ‘do nothing’ - just incredible.”

Arnold Gardens, Palmers Green

What you said: “Traffic volume has significantly increased over the 30 years I have lived in the street. It is virtually one way in the mornings during rush hour because of the volume of traffic wanting to join the A406. We also are used as an escape route at all times of day and night when the A406 is blocked. Finally, parking in Arnold Gardens and the surrounding roads is virtually impossible on Friday lunchtimes and the roads are frequently blocked. On several occasions I have had to abandon my car several roads away and collect it later in the afternoon.”

Torrington Park, Friern Barnet

What you said: “Several elderly people have difficulty crossing the road to get the 383 bus, sometimes because the traffic is too fast. There have been several accidents, one in which a VW collided with a bus. Fortunately no one was killed, but the council will only wait for a fatality before they do something about it. Several pets - including one of our cats - have been killed over the year.”

Well End Road, Shenley

What you said: “It is a major cut through for traffic on the M25 going to Borehamwood.  There are two schools, Clore Shalom and Shenley Primary, on this route.  The pavements are tiny and on one side of the road only, and as a result, pedestrians have to keep crossing the road.  Cars speed along here at well over the designated limits, huge lorries use the road as well, I believe illegally. There have been many accidents and near misses along this stretch.”

St Paul's Avenue, Harrow, between Kenton Road and Honeypot Lane

What you said: “Heavy goods vehicles use it constantly every day and it is also used by parents of children from The Jewish Free School, in The Mall, during the morning and evening school run.

“Some vehicles go at high speed down the road night and day. Speed bumps were put in a number of years ago but they don't make any difference. I have taken this up with Harrow Council from time to time but to no avail.”