A charity that works with vulnerable children has called for better support for those concerned with child welfare in the borough.

KORI, a service who work with young children in Haringey, say that social services need to support early-intervention organisations more effectively to protect the borough’s at-risk children.

Odiri Ighamre, director of KORI, said: “Children under twelve in Haringey do not have anything to catch them. If they have complex emotional issues, there’s no early intervention.

“Cuts to the budget meant that 2011 was almost the end of the youth service in Haringey. 75 percent of it disappeared.

“Children are being sent to the service affected by domestic violence, drug abuse, and neglect.

“We’re collecting children from schools, working with parents, and delivering one-to-one work with very little money apart from the council’s basic after school fee, which is £8 a day.

“If we can see that a child needs therapist, or they need to work with a group to address conflict issues, or they need respite or holiday support, then we can’t do any of that as the finances are just not there.

“There needs to be more of a partnership between social services, schools and grassroots charities to make sure that children are getting what they need.”

A Haringey Council spokesman said: “We provide a modern youth service that better reflects young people’s needs and puts them at the heart of decision-making.

“We invest and work very closely with young people and all organisations to ensure that every child in Haringey has the support they need to fulfil their potential.”