Haringey voters have been making their way to the polls as the European and local elections of 2014 draw to a close.

Polling stations across the borough will remain open until 10pm tonight, before the votes are counted at Alexandra Palace, from which you can follow live coverage on the Haringey Independent website.

Voters in Muswell Hill were keen to make the most of the opportunity to vote this afternoon, with couple Graham Middleton and Beverly Middleton, of Kings Avenue, declaring:  "We always vote. It's our right." 

Maureen Chalmer, 66, from Muswell Hill, added: "Women died to get us the vote. It's very important we do."

Labour are seeking to retain control of the council, which they have held since 1971, with the Liberal Democrats the only party in real contention to challenge them.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are hoping to gain a seat on the council that has eluded them since 1994.