The leader of Haringey's opposition Liberal Democrat group was last night ousted from his seat after eight years on the council.

Councillor Richard Wilson failed to retain his position in the Stroud Green ward, where Labour took all three available seats.

It was the culmination of a devastating night for Haringey’s Lib Dems, who lost 12 seats on the council and held on to just nine.

The result means Cllr Wilson, who remains in his role for the following few days, will be forced to step down as the party’s group leader.

Speaking after the result, he said: “I’m obviously very disappointed, but I have really enjoyed my eight years – it has been fantastic.

“We knew it was going to be a challenge, but perhaps we didn’t realise quite how big a challenge.

“We expected to get a few more seats, but when you have the national trend going as it is, it is hard.

“We’re in government and I’ve seen what has happened to Labour in the past when they have been in government – I think we’ve suffered for that. When the pendulum swings, it swings hard.

“But we remain the only opposition in Haringey and you can still achieve a lot with a small group.”