Haringey wakes up to a Labour council this morning after the party gained seats from the Liberal Democrats to retain control of the borough.

The Liberal Democrats lost 12 of their 21 seats, including that of leader Richard Wilson and his deputy leader, Katherine Reece, in what turned out to be a terrible night for the party.

Labour now controls the council by a majority of 48 seats, while the Lib Dems retain 9.

Labour party leader Claire Kober said that the results proved the people of Haringey "would not stand for the politics of the gutter", nor were they in favour of a "nasty" government.

She added: "I think we can say that the love affair with the Lib Dems in Haringey is well and truly over".

Outgoing councillor and leader of the Haringey Liberal Democrats Richard Wilson said the people of the borough would have to rely on the nine remaining Liberal Democrat councillors to hold the council to account.

He added: "We remain the only opposition, no other party has gained a seat".

The Green Party failed to win a seat despite hoping for victory in the Alexandra ward, although they gained more votes than the Liberal Democrats in several wards.

In St Ann’s, Green candidates took fourth, fifth and sixth places, behind the three elected Labour councillors.

The Conservatives will also be disappointed not to have gained a seat, especially in Highgate, where things momentarily looked promising for them.